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The DryTools below all require you to have installed Microsoft Runtime Libraries (Files) (Page). These files are not normally shipped with Win98 or WinME.


This is a media player Audio(.wav, mp3, .midi) and Video (.avi, .mpg) that you can set the start points and end points and the rate (Rate is speed) It is meant for the kind of person who likes to play a song or video over and over again or a part of a song or video. for example there's a song you like that's 4 minutes long, but at 2:15 to 2:25 there's a very annoying sound that you don't want to hear, so you create a couple of entries:
FileStartEnd RateLoops
This will play the first entry stopping at 2.15 then move to the next entry starting at 2.25

Basic Instructions:
  1. Install, launch, and move the 2 windows to desired positions(it will remember)
  2. Click on Plus button to create a playlist
  3. Right-Click on Playlist List and select Add
  4. On Add/Edit form click on Browse button to locate the file you want to play
  5. When you select a file it automatically puts the Duration (length of media) in the stop box
  6. Set the Rate to 1 (2 = double speed, .5 = half speed)
  7. Set the Number of loops to 1
  8. Click on the Add, repeat this process for your media files.
  9. Then Right-Click on playlist list and select play the list. it will open the first item play it at the speed you entered from the Start pos to the end pos at the specified rate, looping it however many time you told it to, then move on to the next item.
If you double click on an item in the playlist list it will do the same thing as right-clicking on an item and selecting Loop this entry only.

Why do I want it?:
  • Play a depressive song at half speed to increase its depressive factor
  • Play educational media at faster speed to decrease boredom.
  • Play your media without the bloatware of WMP9+


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Version History:
Version: 5.2 8/29/2004 7:31:37 PMInitial Public Offering

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